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Accurate Steel Fab, is a technology driven fabricator and manufacturer of light gauge steel located in Texas.

Our vision is to provide structural steel building solutions in a more efficient, sustainable, and cost-competitive way.  We use state-of-the-art steel fabrication machines to produce steel studs, wall panels, and trusses for Commercial and Residential real estate.

Our steel studs and panels are built using a proprietary construction technology. This allows us to bring multiple designs directly to our fabrication lines and to automate and scale without relying on external interdependencies – all within a near zero waste fabricated environment.

If you are looking for a solution to your structural steel needs, call us today!

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warehouse located in North Dallas

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How do we provide service to our clients?


Prefabrication is the Future of Construction

Accurate Steel Fab has the world’s only complete end-end system for swift and accurate construction of cold formed steel (CFS). Our CFS software includes all the needed attributes such as: design, engineering calculations, structural analysis, and detailing. This software is fully integrated with our roll-forming machines to provide extreme accuracy and efficiency. This allows us to never over engineer any of our projects. Thus, making sure that we can deliver the most cost-effective project, exactly the way you wanted it. 

Commitment to You

We are personally invested in each project and use the world’s most advanced CFS Frame building system to deliver everything you need for your project on time.

Off-site Fabrication

Accurate and controlled panelization with in-house quality checked labor on every project.

Design Flexibility

Our world-leading engineering and detailing software is fully customizable for your projects.

Sustainable Construction

Our steel, on average, is 75%+ recycled, with some projects containing almost 100% recycled content.

*2020 data