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See below our latest case study conducted by our partners at FrameCAD.



Howard Akin, CEO at Accurate Steel Fab & Prime Development Capital, heads a consortium of integrated companies specializing in construction.  Accurate Steel Fab, is their light gauge steel manufacturing business, which emerged over three years ago with a strategic focus on finding an innovative solution to speed up construction and generate returns for investors. Their adoption of FRAMECAD roll-forming equipment marked a significant milestone, enabling the manufacturing of pre-panelized steel components for US residential construction and commercial projects throughout Texas.


This strategic move allowed the company to initiate development well ahead of traditional timelines, effectively minimizing downtime and accelerating project completion.

The team discovered that light gauge steel (LGS) framing offered a superior alternative to wood, ensuring structures were straighter, more durable and resistant to warping. The incorporation of pre-punched service holes significantly reduced waste, aligning with sustainability goals and enhancing overall efficiency.

“As developers, we are looking for efficient and sustainable products that can help us deliver first-class living experiences for our residents and by partnering with ASF we are able to meet both of those requirements.  Additionally, the success of many developments hinges on timing and by using pre-designed and engineered light gauge steel panels we are cutting out the guess work on a crucial portion of the development life cycle,” said PDC’s COO Phillips Wagner.


Time Savings

Prefabrication became the linchpin of their operations, streamlining the process from design to on-site construction. The seamless flow of design through the FRAMECAD systemfacilitated the rapid production and installation of panels.

Software Integration

FRAMECAD’s integrated software eliminated the need for separate programs, simplifying the learning curve and ensuring seamless interaction between software and equipment.


The pre-panelized system guarantees precision with straight lines and right angles, minimizing the need for on-site adjustments. Tolerance within 1/8 of an inch ensures consistently high-standard structures.

Diverse Applications

Accurate Steel Fab found that the versatility of cold-formed steel (CFS) framing positioned it as a game-changer in the broader construction industry. They successfully utilized it across various projects, including multifamily developments, industrial tilt-wall constructions, single-family build-to-rent homes, and demising walls.


Accurate Steel Fab1 Accurate steel fab 2

The Future

Howard envisions steel framing making significant strides in the construction sector. The proven success and efficiency of panelization utilizing the FRAMECAD system for light gauge steel framing presents a promising choice for future projects.


The collaboration between Accurate Steel Fab and FRAMECAD signifies a transformative approach to construction, blending efficiency and sustainability with high standards. Amidst the evolving landscape of the construction industry, the adoption of panelization through cold formed steel and FRAMECAD stands out as a pivotal force driving progress. This innovative approach reshapes standards and establishes new benchmarks for speed, precision, and reliability.

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